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Check Out the Fly & Bubble Casting Rig, the Universal Fly, Tapered Leaders and our Bubbles & Swivels.

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My Personal Guarantee

I know the Fly & Bubble Casting Rig works because I've used it personally for 35 years and have seen it work for other fisherman, too. It will deliver, and I will personally guarantee that. The only thing I can't guarantee you is a trophy fish (sure wish I could do that though).

moneyback guaranteeI'm so confident in my product that I will back it with a
60 day 100%
"No Questions" guarantee. Just return the parts. You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.


I'd highly recommend Best Fishing Secrets' Fly & Bubble Casting Rig to first time fly fishermen or experienced fishermen. Best of all I found the Quick Start Reference Card highly informative, and easy to read. This is a real winner, way to go Craig!



From A to Z the “BEST” Fly Fishing Rig ever!

Craig put all of his” high altitude” fishing experience together to create this fantastic product -- The Fly & Bubble Casting Rig! I never realized how expensive all the parts are -- this is a great deal.