Seasonal Special

Tapered Leaders Casting RigUniversal Flies Universal Flies

    Get one of each of the following with our ever-popular Seasonal Special!
1 3-Pack of Casting Bubbles + Swivels 1 3-Pack of Tapered Leaders
1 Fly & Bubble Casting Rig 1 4-Pack of Universal Flies
Now Just $19.99

3-Pack Casting Bubbles

Tapered Leaders Includes three extra strength magic casting bubbles and three No. 7 brass swivels.


Fly & Bubble Casting Rig

Casting Rig Includes two Universal Flies, one 7.5 ft. Tapered Leader, one extra strength casting bubble and one No.7 brass swivel.


10-Pack Tapered Leaders
Tapered Leaders

Includes ten (10) 7.5 ft. 3X (6lb.) tapered leaders.



Magic Bubble Casting Rig
Casting Bubbles

Use your own flies with the Magic Bubble Casting Rig. Includes one leader, one magic casting bubble and one No. 7 brass swivel.


3-Pack Tapered Leaders
Universal Flies

Includes three (3) 7.5ft, 3X (6 lb). tapered leaders.





4-Pack Universal Flies
Universal Flies

Includes two green body and two yellow body Universal Flies.