Magic Bubble Casting Rig

Magic Bubble Casting Rig


Best Fishing Secrets’ Magic Bubble Casting Rig lets you cast flies with your spinning rod and reel — and provides you with the exact components you need to be successful in one convenient package! With the Magic Bubble Casting Rig, you can fish the surface…or fill the bubble part way — or all the way — and fish at different depths. Two patented Universal Flies are included.


  • 1 – Extra Strength Magic Casting Bubble
  • 1 – 7.5 ft., 3x (6lb.) Tapered Leader
  • 1 – #7 Brass Snap Swivel

Perfect for:

  • Lakes, Rivers & Streams
  • Trout, Bass, Salmon
  • Dry Flies, Wet Flies or Streamers

Product Description

All of our Magic Bubble Casting Rigs include complete instructions on how to set up your rig, including attaching the bubble, swivel and fly using a clinch knot. You can also purchase the Fly & Bubble Casting Rig, which includes the Universal Flies.