It’s fun to catch fish using a fly — especially one you might have tied yourself. But maybe you don’t yet have a fly rod, or are an inexperienced flycaster. Don’t let that hold you back! You can fish using your spincasting gear. All you need is a fly and bubble casting rig. The secret is the casting bubble. You want to make sure you only use clear casting bubbles — because, believe me, fish can see those bright green ones just as well as you can! Here are some tips to remember when casting flies with your spinning rod and reel — and a casting bubble. Cast just beyond where the fish are swimming or rising. Let the fly & casting bubble sit until the rings and bubble have dissappeared. Then, quickly reel the fly past the fish in order to invoke a strike reaction. You can use dry or wet flies with the casting bubble — and you can fill a good quality casting bubble with water or shot to achieve just the right depth for fishing. A good fly & bubble casting rig will contain a 7.5 foot leader. You can adjust the distance between the fly and the casting bubble to suit your needs or conditions. For dry flies, maintain at least 24 inches between the fly and the casting bubble. For wet flies, you can adjust the distance to match the depth of the fish. Remember, these techniques — fly fishing with a spinning rod and reel — and a casting bubble — can be used on lakes, ponds, streams and rivers. For more information, please visit our Web site at: or shop at Amazon: Enjoy your summer fishing!!!