Best Fishing Secrets Announces 2015 Product Line

Nederland, Colorado – April 27, 2015 – Best Fishing Secrets announced today the release of its newest product, the Fly & Bubble Casting Rig. According to Craig Skeie, “Every fisherman has seen someone catching fish after fish with a fly and bubble. And every tackle retailer has been asked the question: How do I rig a fly and bubble?”

Best Fishing Secrets has assembled the perfect fly and bubble rig with easy to understand instructions included on the back of the packaging for easy reference. The rig includes two patented Universal Flies™, a rugged casting bubble made from clear ABS plastic, a high-quality 7.5 foot, 3X (6lb.) tapered leader, and a #7 brass snap swivel. The package contains everything a spin caster or a fishing tackle customer needs to successfully cast flies with a spinning rod and reel.

The included Universal Flies have proven to be very effective on many species of sport fish. These flies were developed more than 35 years ago and have been used successfully by fisherman in Colorado and throughout the West. “It’s just one more reason why the Fly & Bubble Casting Rig is so effective,” says Skeie. “Whether fishing big rivers, small rivers or lakes—and no matter if you like floating or sinking a fly—the Fly & Bubble Casting Rig, with the Universal Fly™ will quickly become your fishing tackle of choice. Fly-fishing with spinning rod & reel is now easier and more fun, whether you’re an experienced fisherman or just taking the kids on a trip they’ll never forget!”

About Best Fishing Secrets

Best Fishing Secrets produces top-quality fishing tackle for both spin-fishing and fly-fishing. It’s flagship product, the Fly & Bubble Casting Rig contains precisely matched components to ensure the best fly-fishing experience with a spinning rod and reel. The company also markets the patented Universal Fly™, which is included in the rig, and is also available separately. The company also sells high-quality tapered leaders and casting bubbles. The company sells on line to wholesalers, retailers and individuals.

For more information, please contact:
Best Fishing Secrets
PO Box 1601
Nederland, Colorado 80466
[email protected]

Fishing with a Fly & Bubble Casting Rig

It’s fun to catch fish using a fly — especially one you might have tied yourself. But maybe you don’t yet have a fly rod, or are an inexperienced flycaster. Don’t let that hold you back! You can fish using your spincasting gear. All you need is a fly and bubble casting rig. The secret is the casting bubble. You want to make sure you only use clear casting bubbles — because, believe me, fish can see those bright green ones just as well as you can! Here are some tips to remember when casting flies with your spinning rod and reel — and a casting bubble. Cast just beyond where the fish are swimming or rising. Let the fly & casting bubble sit until the rings and bubble have dissappeared. Then, quickly reel the fly past the fish in order to invoke a strike reaction. You can use dry or wet flies with the casting bubble — and you can fill a good quality casting bubble with water or shot to achieve just the right depth for fishing. A good fly & bubble casting rig will contain a 7.5 foot leader. You can adjust the distance between the fly and the casting bubble to suit your needs or conditions. For dry flies, maintain at least 24 inches between the fly and the casting bubble. For wet flies, you can adjust the distance to match the depth of the fish. Remember, these techniques — fly fishing with a spinning rod and reel — and a casting bubble — can be used on lakes, ponds, streams and rivers. For more information, please visit our Web site at: https://bestfishingsecrets.com or shop at Amazon: http://amzn.to/mUpQLJ Enjoy your summer fishing!!!

Scent Control

Scent Control If you want to catch fish…and I assume you do…you have to make sure the fish don’t know you’re there! The best way to do this is through scent control. Make sure you’re careful with suntan lotion, bug spray, or fuel – and if you get these or other substances on your hands you must wash it off. The “Seven Secrets to Spin Fishing with the Universal Flycasting Rig” provides several more Scent Control techniques, such as using your own saliva, seasoning your flies, garlic and using natural insects. There are many more effective methods for scenting the fly – and you can learn them all in “Seven Secrets to Spin Fishing with the Universal Flycasting Rig”. Check out https://bestfishingsecrets.com for all the details.

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