3-Pack – Magic Casting Bubbles


Best Fishing Secrets’ Extra Strength Magic Casting Bubbles are the only bubbles you’ll ever need. Use them as is to fish the surface. Or, fill the bubble part way — or all the way — and fish at different depths. 3 #7 Brass snap swivels included!


  • 3 – Extra Strength Magic Casting Bubbles
  • 3 – #7 Brass snap swivels included

Made in the USA! The strongest, most water tight bubbles made.

Fill the bubble with one hand.

Bubble stopper ALWAYS inserts with a tug on the rod.

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All of our Bubble packs include complete instructions on how to spinfish with a Fly & Bubble casting rig, including attaching the bubble, swivel and fly using a clinch knot. If you’re looking for a complete rig, check out the Fly & Bubble Casting Rig. You can also purchase the 6-Pack of Bubbles for added savings.