3X (6lb.) Fluorocarbon


Our Fluorocarbon Tippet…

Length: 25 meters (27.34 yards)
Weight: 3X (6lb.)
Color: Clear
Abrasion Resistance: Excellent
Knot and Tensile Strength: High

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At Best Fishing Secrets, our Fluorocarbon Tippet is stronger at the same diameter, has less stretch, and results in more sensitivity and stronger hooksets than monofilament. It is nearly invisible to fish, sinks faster in the water column, and is more durable and abrasion resistant due to the hardness of the flourocarbon. Material size is marked on the spool. Once you have the length of tippet you need, use your Best Fishing Secrets Nipper to cut the material.
  • More Transparent – Nearly Invisible
  • Stronger than Monofilament
  • Less Stretch than Monofilament
  • More Sensitivity
  • Stronger Hooksets
  • Sinks Faster
  • More Abrasion Resistant
  • Retains Less Memory